Manufacturing Plant

Delivering the quality we promise

Factory Location:

Manufacturing the boilers at an optimum technology-incorporated plant in Sampla, Haryana, the unit remains within close distance of the capital and easily accessible for timely visit, dispatch and service to all major industrial markets situated within India and Abroad. Marketing centers set up in other key industrial sectors spread over the country further help develop an incorporated network for quality sales and service opportunities across the nation.

Machines and Equipment:

Star Boilers puts strong focus on optimizing the quality of manufacturing of its products. It hence combines with its strong accessibility the appliance of plant machinery and software from only from their most reputed manufacturers currently available to India. A few prominent examples are

» Hydraulic plate-bending machine: Himalaya Machinery Pvt. Ltd.
» Tube and pipe bending machine: Electropneumatics & Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd.
» Radial drilling machine: Whitestar
» Welding and cutting machines: ADOR
» 125 kVA DG Setup: Cummins Power
» Overhead EOT cranes: Venus
» Hydrulic crane – 12 Tons (Hydra): ACE AutoCAD and Solidworks designing programs

The above installations coupled with our motivated workforce enable us to maintain strong standards of planning and manufacturing at the enterprise, starting from drafting the first design concept to the post-production commissioning and inspection procedures, ensuring a long and efficient performance of the products we deliver.

Star’s assurance for quality does not limit to its external performance and longevity. We believe that as important as a boiler’s external efficiency is the strong reliability of the components that constitute it. Star sources its boiler fittings, including pumps, valves and instrumentation devices, etc., from manufacturers recognized for setting the highest benchmarks in quality and performance. This means that with Star, you remain forever insured of even what operates beyond what you can see.